“Ron Paul Jr.” Grasps Early Lead

Our very own William “BJ” Lawson, dubbed “Ron Paul Jr.” by his opponent, appears to have a 2.5 to 1 lead over Augustus Cho in early polling. This might be early, but he has held this lead since the polls have begun reporting. We at United Liberty want to congratulate Dr. Lawson on a well fought Primary and wish him the best as he begins his campaign against the incumbent, David Price. We will keep you posted!

Click image for current results

Early Primary Reporting

Please visit his website and continue to show your support by donating. He is going to need our contribution to take on David Price. Mr. Lawson has shown he is a winner. What will you do to have another Ron Paul in office?!!


UPDATE: With half of the precincts reporting, Mr. Lawson has a commanding lead over Augustus Cho bringing in over 20k votes while he struggles to breach 10k. Go Voters Go!!! RESULTS>


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