Shame on You, Johnny Isakson

Johnny Isakson

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for me if I wanted to be proud of my senators.  First, we had Saxby Chambliss use a ridiculous argument against same-sex marriage, and now we have Johnny Isakson’s opposition to a filibuster on gun control legislation.

Isakson’s office is reportedly saying he opposes the legislation, and that may be true, but he sees no problem with it passing.

You see, the United States Senate is in the hands of the Democrats.  They want this to become law.  That means it’s likely to pass the Senate.  Isakson isn’t a complete moron.  He knows this.  He knows that in a vote, the bill passes.

He should also know that he swore and oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, and on that he’s falling down on the job.

The problem stems from the misguided idea that universal background checks would do anything to curb violence in this country.

Folks, gang bangers, drug cartels, and other violent groups aren’t exactly deterred by laws. They’re criminals. By definiton, they skirt the law.  A universal background check will put more of a burden on the law abiding citizen who would like to purchase a gun from a buddy.

Isakson should know this.  I suspect he does know this.  However, instead of supporting an effort that is both legal and ethical as a way to block this, he’s arguing that members of his own party should sit down, shut up, and do nothing as they watch this nation go further down the tubes.

Gun laws don’t stop the criminal.  Look at what happened in Great Britian when they enacted their draconian gun laws.  London is now a more dangerous city than New York.  Why?  Because the criminals don’t have to be afraid anymore.  These guys are bigger, stronger, and/or more experienced in visiting violence on their fellow man than the average citizen. They are predators, and now they have defenseless prey.

You would think that would serve as ample reason to quit with all the gun control nonsense, but it’s not.  Instead, the enemies of the Second Amendment push further and further without any regard for the aftermath.  They’re convinced it will be a world of greatly reduced violence.

History doesn’t support that.

Senators like Rand Paul, Mark Rubio, and their colleagues who are threatening a filibuster understand that rights are important.  They must be defended.  They shouldn’t fall to the whims of a majority.

It’s just to bad that my own senator, Johnny Isakson, doesn’t grasp that simple, basic fact.

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