Radical environmentalists want us to live in dirt mounds and reject capitalism

Al Gore

Statists are gonna state. It’s just how they do it. They see the power of government as a force for good…so long as the right people are calling the shots. The thing is, it’s really not enough for a lot of statists to just tell us what we have to do. They’re not content telling people they can’t accept a wage below the federally mandated minimum. They’re not content trying to tell people what they can do in the privacy of their own bedrooms either.

No, there’s also this overriding desire by these very same people to tell us what we’re supposed to actually like.

From a site called Eco-business.com, an article called “Life in a ‘degrowth’ economy, and why you might actually enjoy it” says the following:

When one first hears calls for degrowth, it is easy to think that this new economic vision must be about hardship and deprivation; that it means going back to the stone age, resigning ourselves to a stagnant culture, or being anti-progress. Not so.

Degrowth would liberate us from the burden of pursuing material excess. We simply don’t need so much stuff – certainly not if it comes at the cost of planetary health, social justice, and personal well-being. Consumerism is a gross failure of imagination, a debilitating addiction that degrades nature and doesn’t even satisfy the universal human craving for meaning.

Degrowth, by contrast, would involve embracing what has been termed the “simpler way” – producing and consuming less.

Wow. I’m really glad I have statist jerks to tell me what gives my life meaning. I won’t get into the economics of that article right now, but instead I want to focus on this “meaning” thing for a moment.

I could write for days about the so-called “meaning” of life and all that. The truth is, I see no reason for it to be universal. What gives me meaning isn’t what gives you meaning, and that’s the beauty of being human. We each define our own meaning.

The truth is, no matter how much collectivists want to argue otherwise, people are individuals. We’re not cookie cutters. What the above quote argues is that this “simpler way” will actually give us the meaning our current lives don’t.

Of course, people lived these “simpler lives” before and they still pushed forward with technology. So much for that.

It would be easy to discount this is just another eco-nutjob site calling for the end of our way of life if that was where it ended. It’s not.

For example, there has been a movement for some time to tell me what shape of woman we should find attractive. While I’ve loved women of all shapes and sizes in my lifetime, I’ve got a problem with people telling me I’m wrong if I don’t prefer bigger women or something. And yes, that is exactly what they’re saying. It’s interesting that many of the women who share the memes on Facebook saying as much will turn around and admire a shirtless image of Channing Tatum or the late Paul Walker.

It’s not like any of this is new. Instead, it’s just a progression of what the left has been doing for years. We’re supposed to feel bad for opposing welfare programs. We’re supposed to feel bad if we think people should be free to purchase firearms. We’re supposed to feel bad about, well, anything that the left doesn’t like.

Now, they’ve simply spilled out into new areas that seem to have little to do with politics. It’s no longer advantageous for them to simply try and convince us to boycott certain products because of whatever reason. No, now they want to convince us to not even like said product.

If statism is about control, then the effort to control our wants and desires is the ultimate manifestation of that control. If they succeed in telling us what to like, then they no longer need to craft laws to force us to do certain things. While it may seem more libertarian to try and shift our likes, it’s also far more insidious.

They’re free to say what they want to do. Just as we’re free to see what they’re trying to do and call them on it.

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