Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are Staking Out the Same Ground, Just Not Exactly in the Same Way

paul and cruz

While there are varying opinions about just how much support Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul may — or may not — have in regard to running for president in 2016, those opinions begin to coalesce when it comes to what kind of policy position both men may be staking out in the run-up to that contest. Mostly because the men themselves are already taking a stand:

In the brouhaha last week over Sen. Rand Paul’s defense-spending amendment (with offsetting cuts), an interesting dynamic got a bit overlooked. And that is: Outside of the blatant trolling exercise of the budget-amendment process, when it came time to pass a budget resolution for 2016 and the next decade, the only GOP senators voting “no” were Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Apparently Cruz would like to see a long-term reigning in of entitlement spending, Paul is more interested in making sure that whatever defense spending we alot funds toward, we are responsible in actually paying for it, rather than just kicking those costs down the road.

Radical stuff, folks. Making sure we can afford what we’re buying and actually paying for it. What madness is this?

In all seriousness, despite the people of the left trying to turn this into some kind of irreparable break in the ranks of the GOP, it’s actually a tremendously good sign that these guys are willing to engage in the tough debates and actually offer up ideas rather than march in party lockstep in the manner of say, oh, one Harry Reid (Good riddance pugilist. Try to do better things in your retirement.).

And maybe it’s crazy, but with libertarians getting antsy with Rand Paul’s recent foreign policy conversion, and many of them wondering (although most think he’ll announce an intent to run in April) if he will actually take a stab at the presidential race in 2016, it’s good to know these men are actually engaged in some pretty heavy and contentious policy discuss. Because, as they say, you can’t build a house without a solid foundation. Cruz and Paul seem to be pouring the cement.

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