In case you missed it, the presidential primaries are over


UPDATE: Trump has officially clinched the Republican nomination as of today.

It seems like it took five gruelling, facepalm-inducing years, but it was blink-and-miss-it news that the major party presidential primaries came to an all-but-official close this week. The result that we all predicted and dreaded six months ago: Trump vs Clinton vs …?

Although Bernie Sanders has not yet ended or suspended his campaign, the Democratic primary came to an arrangement this week that serves the same purpose. Hillary is less than 100 delegates away from clinching the nomination, and she seems content to coasting to victory.


That victory will officially take place with California, New Jersey, and the final round of state primaries next month. In the meantime, the Clinton campaign has shifted ad spending from the primary battle to the general election, now focusing on Donald Trump’s lifelong parade of horribles.

Sanders himself seems to have accepted defeat, but also a small victory. Several top Sanders surrogates have been named to the party platform committee at the convention. While an important symbolic win for Bernie, helping to set the tone for the party’s fall campaign, the platform has no binding effect on anything after the election.

It’s really all Sanders could hope for, though, since he definitely won’t be the vice presidential nominee. In an upcoming appearance on Ellen, Clinton makes clear that Bernie isn’t at the top of her list.

Although all his opponents dropped out of the race at the beginning of the month, Trump has still not yet clinched his nomination either. As with Clinton, that will occur on June 7 when the last of the primary states vote.


Another presidential primary is coming to a close this week as well. Friday kicks off the #LegalizeFreedom Libertarian National Convention. Delegates there will choose among the  many Libertarian candidates for president and vice president on Sunday. Frontrunners Gary Johnson and his chosen running mate, Bill Weld, made their respective final pitches to Libertarian voters on Facebook this week.

In less than a week we will know who the top three candidates for president in November will be. If the primary process to get here seemed like it took an eternity, the next 5 months of Mr and Mrs Unpopular vs Mr Underreported are going to be unbearable.

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