Ron Paul supporters cry foul at Gary Johnson’s debate inclusion

When I first heard that Gary Johnson was going to be included in last night’s debate, my first thought was, “That’s awesome!” My second thought was how long was it going to take before Ron Paul fanatics started spewing conspiracy stuff about it….well, it took less than a day.

Now, before we get started, let it be known that I am a Ron Paul supporter. I made several donations to the good doctor’s run last time, and as soon as I get some extra cash money, I’ll be doing the same this go-around. However, I am also a Gary Johnson fan. I think he’s a good man and a good candidate.  And I plan to donate to his campaign also. In the spirit of full disclosure, if both make it to the Georgia primary, I’m actually leaning Ron Paul. But I greatly admire and support Johnson. His absence from the previous couple of debates has been unfair and unjust. That’s the biggest thing for me.

So, back to the main point, what do I see on the “Ron Paul 2012″ Facebook page today? A posting that reads as follows:

Word is that Rick Perry put pressure on Fox to break their own rules and include Gary Johnson in the next debate because Perry thinks it will hurt Ron.

Yeah…so we won’t even get into the fact that Johnson was in the first FOX debate and that his participation in this one was based on already existing criteria regarding poll numbers.

Now please let it be known that the aforementioned Facebook page is in no way affiliated with the actual campaign of Ron Paul. This is a grassroots thing, the type of stuff that I usually think is great. It has about 18,000 fans and most of it is pretty good, level-headed stuff. But then they threw this one out…you know, you’ve got to get a kick out of the whole, “Word is” thing, like he’s tied into the heart and soul of the American political scene or something.

Some of the responses were even better. Some of which were quickly and smartly deleted by the page owner.

Look, I know that not every Ron Paul supporter is a crazed, conspiracy-theorist nutjob. I’m mean, hell, look at me–I’m a Paulian and I’m pretty normal! And most of the folks I personally know who support Dr. Paul are basically like me–just laid-back, southern country folk who like good music, booze, and college football. But damned if a lot of these folks on the internets ain’t exactly like the caricatures that the forces of statism and neo-conservatism paint them to be.

I guess this is the “New Normal.” Barry Goldwater is dead and I don’t feel so good myself…

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