Rand Paul for Senate?

Now that Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) will not seek re-election, Rand Paul may consider a bid for the United State Senate:

Rand Paul, a Kentucky ophthalmologist, has said he would seek his state’s Republican nomination for senator only if Bunning didn’t. On Monday, Bunning announced he would not seek a third term because of a lack of campaign funds.

But Paul has not fully committed to a Senate run.

“We’re very close and probably there will be some announcement from us in a week to 10 days,”he told FOXNews.com.

Paul said he is talking to family and friends and gauging public support.

“We only want to do this if we can win,”he said.

So far, Paul has raised more than $160,000, compared to $602,000 for his potential Republican primary challenger, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who is now considered the establishment favorite.

Paul said he’s not concerned about Grayson’s fundraising advantage because Paul has raked in his money without any fundraisers.

More importantly, Paul has an advantage in name recognition. His father, a Texas congressman, drew tons of grassroots support for his insurgent “Ron Paul Revolution” presidential campaign last year.

There have been a few money bombs for Rand Paul and if he’s raised nearly $200k without any formal fundraisers…he will make the primary competitive if he does decide to jump in.

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