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Dead End Road to Affordable Healthcare

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I’ll begin things by saying that I am no expert when it comes to understanding healthcare.  I tried.  It made no sense before, and it makes even less sense now.  Getting medical assistance through an insurance provider after a copay or payment of co-insurance you will soon be given your return on investment in the form of a migraine headache.

Understanding why you had to pay 30% of the total bill rather than your anticipated $45 copay will be the beginning of the struggles.  Keep in mind that what has just been illustrated was the normalcy of healthcare interventions prior to the Affordable Care Act.  Now it is worse, and I call it provider profiling.  I do not get why something that should be straight-forward and basic has to be so complex.  Oh, yeah.  Greed.

Allow for me to introduce myself and give you a general background of my path toward affordable healthcare.  I am a husband and father of two young children and I have always had middle class income to support my family.

We had insurance provided to us by my employer and there was never a major struggle with the process other than the occasional misinterpretation of coverage, if we were going to be paying for a particular office visit out of pocket, or if it pre or post deductible. It is true that sometimes billing became an issue with the provider of the past, but at least we were able to call our primary care provider and our kids’ pediatrician and schedule a check-up for an upcoming week without any known hassle.  Those days, while living in them, were perceived as of a hassle, but today I long for something as trivial and tolerable as a deductible miscommunication.

The Rise of Digital On Demand Media


This morning I was a mentor. This afternoon, a boss. Later, after lunch, an employee which, in turn, allowed for me to provide for my family. Let’s not forget this evening when I opened my books and was a student.

If this were my life a decade ago I would quite easily forget, or neglect, my right to know what was going on around me in my community, my state, my nation, and my world. The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, The NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, or CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight and Anderson Cooper 360º would have just past me by without notice.

Today, with the revolution of online media and digital forms of journalism it allows for any multi-tasking individual with ADD, such as myself, to stay current with events happening around the world, or just down the street. The depth that I want to consume myself in the information depends solely on how much time I have in between appointments. I tell Anderson Cooper when he can and cannot speak.

Getting information about current events through internet sources has given me the opportunity to stay informed on the go. Corporate news networks on television dictate when you can listen and they have the same tone and message with slightly different undertones and agendas to appeal to a certain demographic, but still manage to deliver the same generic stories.

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