Sarah Palin is Channeling the Secret Thoughts of Republicans

Before Sarah Palin became McCain’s running mate, I have to admit that I really didn’t care if McCain or Obama won.  They both seem equally evil, though for different reasons.  One’s a populist warmongerer, the other a feel-good socialist - both are bad for America, so what difference did it really make?

But then Governor Palin popped into the picture and my perspective changed a bit.  I realize she’s not perfect and it’s somewhat sickening to have to listen to her toe the party-line right now, but I still think she’s the best thing to hit a major two-party ticket in decades.

Senator McCain is not a conservative and the only reason he won the Republican nomination is because the conservative vote was split between the numerous other candidates considered more conservative, leaving him with a larger percentage of the vote compared to his contenders.  McCain was not the the pick of the majority of Republican voters- he won by default.

Biden: Raising Taxes is “Patriotic”

Delaware Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden said in reference to raising taxes on “the rich” -

“You got it,” he said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when his interviewer noted that Obama was targeting the affluent. “It’s time (for the well-off) to be patriotic.”

Obama and the Flag

I’m beginning to wonder what Obama has against the American flag.  Stories of his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin have abounded on the internet, but I’m not sure if I’ll hold someone’s choice of fashion accessories against them.  I don’t go around wearing one, so judging a person’s patriotism based on this criteria appears to be a slippery slope.

But Obama’s dismissal of this American symbol goes farther than his on-again, off-again jewelry.  The Seattle Times has reported that the flags used by attendees of Obama’s acceptance speech were found in several trash bags located around dumpsters at Invesco Field.  They were rescued by veterans and given to the McCain campaign.

If Obama Wins

The national polling in the 2008 Presidential race continues to be close. Senator Obama seems to have had a small bounce from Convention publicity, but I predict that Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin will quickly overshadow this bounce and the election will be again close.

Yesterday, I became embroiled in quite an argument quite an intelligent individual, a person whom I would normally listen to for advice. This individual is leaning toward a vote for Senator Obama and then became irate at the unfounded charges made against Obama. Frankly, when detractors continue telling people that Obama is a Muslim (not true), won’t say the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag (again, not true), that he was sworn in as US Senator on the Muslim Koran (sigh! Again, not true), these false stories are having the effect of creating sympathy for the Democratic nominee.

As of August 29, 2008, no honest observer can certainly determine who will be our next US President. Senator Barack Obama may well be elected.

What would be the effect of the election of a President Obama accompanied by a Democratic-controlled Congress? Well, a few matters are pretty well certain:

Lone Star State, Lone Presidential Candidate?

Yesterday, Ballot Access News reported that BOTH the Republicans and Democrats had missed the filing deadline for their candidates, John McCain (presumptive) and Barack Obama (official), in the state of Texas. Late in the afternoon, after many third party watch groups and blogs reported the story and the Bob Barr campaign sent out a press release to all of his supporters, Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram political blog, PoliTex, reported that “[b]oth parties filed before the deadline. We expect their amended filings after both parties finish their nominating process at the conventions,” according to the Texas Secretary of State’s spokesperson, Ashley Burton. The website for the Secretary of State’s General Election candidates also displays a blank where one would anticipate seeing John McCain and Barack Obama, along with their respective running mates.


Barr on Glenn Beck Again- 8/28

Wearing a t-shirt with the phrase infamously coined by  Barack Obama, “Bitter typical white person clinging to God and my guns”, conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck, once again gave Libertarian Presidential nominee, Congressman Bob Barr, a full hour on Thursday evening.  Like most of America, Glenn is unsure of who to vote for in November, but is also concerned about “throwing his vote away” if he votes third party.  Bob does an excellent job of presenting the case that voting for McCain or Obama is truly a wasted vote and that his message of smaller government, tax reform and personal liberty is what the country needs and what most voters identify with.

In this first video, Glenn asks Bob to answer the questions posed by pastor Rick Warren to McCain and Obama during the Saddleback Debate. They discuss the Russia/Georgia conflict and the finer aspects of Bob’s foreign policy stance, the current Supreme Court Justices, the definition of “rich”, and why higher taxes hurt the poorest of Americans.

Part two continues with tax reform, when military action should be used, global warming and energy independence.

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