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U.S. lawmakers appeal to Obama against Afghan troop surge

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A group of 15 Congressmen, led by Ron Paul (R-TX) and including Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Walter Jones (R-NC), have written a stern letter to President Obama appealing to him against his proposed troop surge in Afghanistan. This report from Russia Today’s Dina Gusovsky (who has achieved note for several interviews of Ron Paul, prompting the Congressman to joke with her that she was “stealing [his] thunder”), examines many issues and raises many questions about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan that appear to be receiving little or no attention from the Obama administration. 

Ron Paul Talks About Federal Reserve On “Washington Watch”

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Ron Paul is interviewed on the subject of the Federal Reserve by Congressman Walter Jones on Washington Watch.

Dr. Paul Speaks at CPAC ‘09, Part 3

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Dr. Paul Speaks at CPAC ‘09, Part 2

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Dr. Paul Speaks at CPAC ‘09, Part 1

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Dr. Paul challenges CPAC attendees to define what a true conservative is- defending the Constitution, shrinking government and ending the Fed, topping the list.

Ron Paul’s opening statement at the House Financial Services Committee

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“This is the end of an era. We can’t reinflate the bubble….if we think that we can reinflate this bubble by artificially creating credit out of thin air and calling it capital, believe me we don’t have a prayer of solving these problems - we have a total misunderstanding of what credit is versus capital.”

Ron Paul Speaks After Voting Against Stimulus Bill

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In this video, Rep. Ron Paul speaks after voting against the stimulus package. Take away line: “They deal with trillions like they used to deal with billions.”

Rush Limbaugh: Champion of Big, Powerful Government

To those “conservatives” who look to Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman for the cause of limited, constitutional government, this should silence any doubts as to where Rush stands when it comes to big government. His rant just about sums up everything that is wrong with what the “conservative” movement has become especially during the eight years of the Bush Administration (but clearly getting underway with the “Gingrich Revolution”). The so-called conservative movement is dead, and anyone who wants to understand why would do well to read Rush’s actual words here. I don’t think he was joking at all when he said, “It’s going to be a bigger, more powerful, stronger government — and we’re going to turn it against the left in ways they could have never imagined.”

Ron Paul Questions Bernanke on Federal Reserve Power & A New Depression

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Why Can’t We Abolish the Income Tax?

The income tax was probably the worst idea (okay, not the worst, but close) when it comes to taxes. Who thought of this anyway? “Hey, I have a great idea: let’s tax everyone’s incomes.” Or an even better idea, “No, no, no, let’s take it further and the more someone makes, the more they get taxed!” Penalize people for producing. Great idea.

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