Democrats’ electoral prospects leave CNN panel rolling

On the CNN Sunday morning show, Inside Politics, host John King asked his panel of political journalists:

“And so if we’re having this conversation six weeks ago we’d be saying nine or ten Democratic Senate seats — Senate seats. But well let me start with this — anyone here think the House is still in play?”

They literally burst into laughter at the thought of Democrats taking back the majority in the House. Because of a variety of factors, the Republican majority in the House is quite safe and may even expand after this year’s elections.

And for this year at least, it looks like the Senate might flip back that way as well. Sure we all thought the GOP might eek out a small Senate majority in 2012, but presidential and mid-term elections are totally different. This time it’s much more likely, especially with at least half a dozen Democrats in solid red states who last won in the first Obama wave of 2008 now getting their first neutral ground challenge.

Sure it’s early, and anything could happen between March and November. But it may become just as objectively hilarious to suggest that Democrats will keep their Senate majority as it is to suggest they will regain one in the House.

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